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      I have been drooling over the slate top cofee tables for years but never hoped to get one. I always saw them at like DRs offices and such. When I did see them in home magazines they were like $300-$400.

      This weekend I stoped at big lots for some suplies and found a slate coffee table for $70 I asked the manager if he would cut the price any because some of the slate plates were broken. DH really liked the table too and was willing to find replacements. The manager cut the price and gave me the end table for $100 for both pices!!!!

      What a greate deal! Bonus was when we came back to get them the manager had found replacement pices for the broken plates. I am soooo happy this weekend :heart: Dh really scord points for suporting the idea and I got my table and an end table.

      I wanted to post this for two reasons. well maybe three. to share how happy I am, tell you all to be sure to check out BL when you need some furnature.

      I also wanted to tell you all never be afraid to ask for a price cut! you wouldent believe the deals I get when I do!!!!! Sometimes they just cut a small bit off buts that even shows they are willing to work with me.

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Chain Store Deals Big lots furnature!