Big Decision/bankruptcy

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      I doubt your lawyer would want you to tell
      people about that because he has counseled you to commit credit card fraud. I
      don’t recommend that anyone do anything like that just prior to filing. I’m
      not sure why you think that ripping off the credit card companies (buying
      things you know you are never going to pay for) is okay.

      This is part of the
      reason that fees are so high. And is that really the lessons we want our
      children to learn?

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      I did ‘it’ over 10 years ago and my attorneys first
      bit of advice was take the credit cards and finishing maxing them out with
      groceries, lots of dry goods, paper products, can goods ect…..then
      toiletries, and finally clothes. We did and some items lasted a year.

      *~*Teresa Lavey*~*

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