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      Sorry to hear that. In order to do what I did you also got to be able to turn the “nasty” on and back off so your family don’t take the heat from you too. I hope your fresh start is going well.

      Also, those who got feathers ruffled from thinking about “poor little credit card companies” and got silly notions this raises rates, let me smooth them a minute. I have a Master in Business Admin and can tell you that has nothing to do with it. The bad debt is very small and is actually beneficial as a tax write off.

      The amount of interest charged is not based on people who file bankruptcy or who simply don’t pay (like I did) but is set by the Fed. Government. Credit card companies can raise or lower rates and do so to stay competitive and capture consumers from other credit card companies.

      I did notice that someone with bad credit like me can still get a card, but only
      with a credit limit of $250 compared to one of $5000 more than 20 years ago. New marketing teaches these employees to be more aggressive but if you are aggressive back it throws them off, they expect you to be meek and mild. Each state is different and each state has its own statue of limitations.

      I lived in Ohio at the time and it was 7 years. I now live in Florida and don’t know the limitations here, but we moved here for our version of the “fresh start”. In fact my Professor told me that the states are actually “nations” because each one has their own seperate rules and regulations.

      Then I told him I didn’t get it and he said to think of the United Nations. The nations are called “states” and are held together by the un, same thing with america. in fact the un was modeled after america.

      this explains why laws vary from state to state. the best advice is to research the laws of your own state because they could be different.

      — on fri,
      7/4/08, J Diane Northcutt

      From: J Diane Northcutt
      Subject: Re: : Re:Big Decision/bankruptcy
      Date: Friday, July 4, 2008, 8:07 am

      I don’t know if it is illegal or not. I do know that Discover Card will call several times on Sunday. It least they did us,earlier this year, till we actually filed bankruptcy.

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      From: melinda irvin
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      I beg to differ. First it is illegal for bill collectors to call on Sunday or before 9am or after 8pm or it is harassment. Second, get caller id and don’t answer the phone or have it unlisted.

      i really had no choice in the matter at the time because my ex left me penniless and sky high in debt. i would have paid it if possible, but i could not. unlike a lot of people i don’t own a home home, i live in a rv.

      i really don’t have anything of great monetary value that anyone would want because it would be more costly to the credit card company to go through the motions compared to what they would get out of it. also, my new husband has income so i don’t work outside the home and like i said before, there are no debtor prisions in america and after 7 years or if the debt is charged off and sold to another company, it is cancelled. It is not a good thing to do, but I have never filed bankruptcy and never been harassed long by credit card companies either.
      you can just pull up stakes and go on a moment’s notice like I can it is easy to just not pay in an emergency, but I don’t want everyone to do it because it is a last resort survival measure only.

      I got rid of $40,000 worth of debt this way and sometimes the companies that bought my debt call me and I laugh and hang up. They can’t take what you don’t have. ok what more can they do except call and harass you ?

      nothing! unless they know where you work, then you switch jobs. get a cell and give the number to no one!

      it is possible to “disappear” without going anywhere, i know because i have done it even when i rented a apartment. if it were me, i would stop paying, not answer their calls and continue on with life. after awhile they do give up.

      bankruptcy is forever, don’t do it.

      — on thu, 7/3/08, J Diane Northcutt <jdnorthcutt@> wrote:

      > From:
      J Diane Northcutt <jdnorthcutt@>

      > It is not that easy. You can’t just stop paying. That
      > might have worked

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