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      I had credit card companies start taking me to Court, that and the harrassing

      calls helped me with the decision to file.

      Not paying and ignoring everything just doesnt work now days. The credit card

      companies have gotten much more aggressive. I tried using cccs and they really

      messed things up worse. they dont tell you that not all your creditors go into

      an agreement with you, which is what happened to me, so i was making a monthly

      payment to cccs for my total amount of debt and still getting calls and interest

      accumulating for those creditors that didnt agree to the payment plan. plus,

      what cccs did made my credit report worse. bankruptcy was the best option for


      i thought we would have to live like paupers but we dont. mind you, we arent

      living like kings, but i was able to keep my tax refund and stimulus check,

      since my attorney figured it into my income up front.

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      It is not that easy. You can’t just stop paying. That might have worked

      several years ago but not anymore. First of all the credit card companies

      will hound you. Each credit card company will call 20 or more times per day.

      I am not exaggerating. On Sunday they only call about 8 times.

      They also can come after you legally and make you pay through a court

      order. The only way to avoid paying is to file bankruptcy. Then the court

      either sets up a ( chapter_13) payment plan or gives you a ( chapter 7)

      total discharge.


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      > Here is an alternative if you don’t own anything of great value.



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