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      Here is an alternative if you don’t own anything of great value. They cannot

      take what you don’t have. My exhusband ran up huge bills in both our names he

      was ordered to pay but did not. When the collectors came after me I reminded

      them there is no debor’s prision in America and I had nothing. After 7 years

      your debt is wiped clean or if it is sold to another comapny it is actually gone

      because you can contest the fact you never did business with the other company.

      Not many people know this and get scared and pay them anyway. I have a lawyer in

      KY who told me that all my debt except my student loans can be wiped away doing

      that. It is 100% legal too, but you need a lawyer to do it. Right now my debts

      are over 20 years old and are uncollectable, just waiting to save money up to

      get them off my credit report.

      — On Wed, 7/2/08, J Diane Northcutt <> wrote:

      From: J Diane Northcutt <>

      We just filed bankruptcy this past February. I can assure you that the

      bankruptcy laws have changed in the last 10 years. You cannot go out and run the

      cards up just before filing.

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