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      Bicycle Rim Vertical Gardening Dome

      Here’s what it looks like when it’s finished and beautiful vining plants have had time to grow.
      Bicycle Rim Vertical Gardening Dome - Budget101.com

      Here are the kids enjoying their secret garden!Bicycle Rim Vertical Gardening Dome

      Collect all of the rims and grab some zip ties!

      Bicycle Rim Garden Dome step2

      Form the circle as big or small as you’d like it.


      Secure them together with several zip ties.


      Repeat, adding a layer (dont forget to leave an opening for a doorway!)




      When we made ours it was actually easier to make the dome complete, then cut off a couple zip ties to remove one rim to make the doorway, but that’s up to you.


      Now move the dome to an area that has grass and plant some fast growing vines around it. I used Clematis.

      Instructables website shows us how to MAKE this very useful project made from upcycled bike wheels zip-tied together into a dome.

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