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      — In, M F wrote:


      > My daughter is getting married in May, and being that her friends

      do not live near us, I would like to throw her a shower. I was told

      that that is tacky for a family memeber to throw a shower, but she

      really wants a shower, so I’m giving her one anyways. It will be a

      small wedding, so the shower will be small also. I am looking for

      low cost decorating ideas and gifts for the guests. Any help and

      input is appreciated.


      > Thank you,

      > Melissa


      > Well I guess I am tacky cuz I gave both my daughters wedding

      showers and we all had a ball. Played games, ate snacks, laughed

      with friends and family, oooohed and aaaaaaahed over all the great

      presents, and watched them just bloom under all the attention and

      love. So there. lol Go ahead and have a ball with your daughter.








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