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      It is NOT tacky for you to give your daughter a bridal shower,

      especially if she wants one. If it is tacky for family members to

      give bridal showers then I’ve gone to a lot of “tacky” bridals

      showers in the last 20 years — most of the ones I’ve gone to HAVE

      been hosted by family members.

      Do it for your daughter & don’t worry about what others will say.

      Give her some good memories & take a few pictures.

      There hasn’t really been much decorating at the ones I’ve been to,

      just using what the house it was being held at was decorated with.

      Soem memorable ones have included games with the bride being asked

      questions about her fiance’ and making a white tissue paper dress.

      I had food that was elaborate, food that was simple, and food hat

      was inbetween, food that fir the season, etc.

      There were prizes for the person who’d come the farthest, who got

      the most right in the games — usually 3 to 4 prizes. The

      gifts/prizes were deicded upon by the hosts of the party — I really

      liked the gifts that weren’t “cutsey” decorations as not everyone

      likes those things. I liked the little gift baskets, like you can

      buy at a $1 store & fill with items while you’re there, especially

      having several of a different theme: I’ve seen one where they had a

      stationary-type basket, a popcorn & movie basket, soaps & body washes

      basket, scrapbooking basket, knitting/crocheting basket, a gardening

      basket, and a few othrs I can’t recall, but this is the basic idea.

      Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure your daughter will be happy.

      Good luck with your plans.

      =) Gayle

      — In, M F wrote:


      > My daughter is getting married in May, and being that her friends

      do not live near us, I would like to throw her a shower. I was told

      that that is tacky for a family memeber to throw a shower, but she

      really wants a shower, so I’m giving her one anyways. It will be a

      small wedding, so the shower will be small also. I am looking for

      low cost decorating ideas and gifts for the guests. Any help and

      input is appreciated.


      > Thank you,

      > Melissa









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