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      It is not tacky for you to through the shower! Do it, have fun.

      Why should you and your daughter miss out because of some false

      etiqeutte rules. Have a great time!!!!

      Will it be only women at the shower? I go to my local dollar store

      and Big Lots and create small gift bags. I had a get together

      yesterday and found these cute spring buckets for a $1.50 each, I

      filled them with 2 votives, a special treat, a mini lip gloss, a

      bath item and a hand written card.

      You can do candies, candles even bookmarks with the couples picture

      on it with a “save the date” for the weeding (my friend did this).

      Check out your local Kinkos for some other unique ideas.

      — In, M F wrote:


      > My daughter is getting married in May, and being that her friends

      do not live near us, I would like to throw her a shower. I was told

      that that is tacky for a family memeber to throw a shower, but she

      really wants a shower, so I’m giving her one anyways. It will be a

      small wedding, so the shower will be small also. I am looking for

      low cost decorating ideas and gifts for the guests. Any help and

      input is appreciated.


      > Thank you,

      > Melissa









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