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      You’ll need:
      turkey breast or whole bird (a 5qt crock pot can often hold up to a 12lb bird if you squeeze it in)
      bell pepper
      garlic powder
      salt and pepper
      *The amounts needed vary depending on taste and size of your bird and pot*

      Chop your veggies into large pieces. Clean your bird and stuff with some veggies, garlic powder, and a little butter, if desired. Place into crock pot upside down (*note: do not place on a rack.

      Just place it directly in). Place the remaining veggies around your bird. Place some onion and bell pepper on top of the turkey, spread evenly.

      Put a few dabs of butter on top of your bird (rub in, if you want, or just place the dabs all over). Sprinkle everything with garlic powder, sage, turmeric, salt, and pepper to taste, making sure to put extras on your turkey.

      Turn crock pot on high and cook for same length of time it’d take in an oven. When done, turn heat off and let sit an extra 20-30 minutes for large pot, 10-20 for small. With a slotted spoon, very carefully remove veggies from around the turkey and set into a serving dish.

      You’ll need a couple large spoons to try to lift the bird out, but it’s not going to come out in one chunk. Cooking upside down makes it so tender that it’ll just fall apart.

      Use the drippings in the bottom of the crock pot for gravy, if desired.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dump Recipes Bestest Turkey Ever