What is the best bait to put on mouse traps? Here are the top 10!

Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks What is the best bait to put on mouse traps? Here are the top 10!

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      I was sick of Mice taking over my house every winter so I made it a point to try multiple baits on the mouse traps in my house and barn. Here are the absolutely best baits to put on mousetraps.

      b101 20 ways get rid mice mousetraps
      20+ Ways to Get Rid of Mice

      Best Bait to Put on Mousetraps

      The best trap, of course, is the water (or non-water) trap. We’ve used it to wipe out populations of mice that tried to take over our barn and grain bins around our horses.

      1. Peanut Butter– this one works great, stays put fairly well and seems to have a great appeal to the mice. They can easily smell it long distance and come running.
      2. Bacon– use a piece of thread to TIE the bacon piece to the trap. It doesn’t need to be very big, but because it’s light, it does need to be secured
      3. Gob of Bacon Fat– this one seems to work better down in the barns than it does in the house, but in any case, we caught 12 mice on it.
      4. Reeses Peanut butter cup- the little tiny mini’s- works perfectly. This one was told to us by an exterminator friend of ours, that’s what he uses. This also works with little chunks of mars bars. What can I say, we had some leftover from Halloween that no one really wanted to eat.
      5. Stinky Cheese- like gorgonzola pieces
      6. Melted Chocolate– melt it and “paint” the bait area with it. As they gnaw on the yumminess, SNAP!
      7. Nutella- works fairly well. It must be refreshed every other day as it tends to lose it’s “draw” abilities
      8. Mini Marshmallows– these cram into the bait areas easily and the mice seem to love them. They work pretty well
      9. Yay Toast!-  Pinch a piece of sliced bread and put it in the bait holder. Place over a fire like a grill or a cigarette lighter and toast or scorch the bread.
      10. Dog Food Kibble– hot glue a piece of dog food kibble to the bait holder. This keeps the mouse from being able to grab it and run. Just put a tiny dab of hot glue on the bottom and attach it.

      Why would you have to try different baits?

      Mice get smarter, they learn when they watch their comrades die that, “oh hey, if I eat that little green thing, I’ll keel over like charlie did”. If you don’t believe me, use the same bait for a season and then try it again next season or year. They won’t touch it. Rotate the baits, it keeps them coming back, regardless.

      Mice can get in your house in a hole the size of a dime. Get rid of all standing water and food of all kinds. They’ll chew through plastic. Use steel wool and expanding foam to secure and seal holes or gaps around drain pipe holes. They’ll even squeeze into your house through electric outlets.

      Mice crawl in through electrical & drain pipe gaps to get in your house

      Why Mousetraps and Not Poison?

      • They crawl into walls and ceilings to die. Horrendous smells!
      • Infants & Toddlers crawling around the house
      • Pets that may inadvertently eat the poison, or the poisoned mouse.
      • Owls, hawks, and other animals may eat the poisoned animal and also die.



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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks What is the best bait to put on mouse traps? Here are the top 10!