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      I am looking for more creative ways to find coupons. I’ve read many posts on how people can find and save with shampoo, soap, toothpaste coupons…but what about the staples that we all use everyday? Where are they all hiding??

      And how can I get them??

      I am looking for those not-so-well-known sites, or other creative ways to find coupons.

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      One thing I’ve learned to do, is to contact the actual company, usually by email.
      If it’s a product that I really like and we use regularly, I tell them. Then I ask if they possibly has a mailing list or can send out coupons to help offset the expense.
      Usually I receive a favorable reply and coupons to use. There have a few times I received a free item cpn and others $1 off.

      (Sometimes even more than $1.)
      For the companies you don’t contact by email, there’s almost always a contact number on the product. Call. If they have coupons, they’ll send them out.

      If it’s their policy to not ‘do’ coupons, they’ll tell you. (Hemp lotion is one of those).
      Good luck and happy coupon hunting!!

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      I agree. I love when I can email a company and compliment (or complain) one of their products on a specific issue. Most companies love hearing from the consumer and are very happy to send you coupons or even free samples.

      I had one company that even sent frozen samples packed in dry ice and another sent me a half case of their beverage. One sent me a $0.25/2 coupon, which didn’t make it on my favorites list, but it was still a positive response. Just be honest and sincere when you contact the companies.

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      @Need2budget 242741 wrote:

      I am looking for more creative ways to find coupons.

      Let’s see- we have the following resources here on the site:

      SmartSource Coupons Printable Coupons

      RedPlum Printable Coupons

      Complete (Clickable) List of All Currently Known Bricks Printables

      Plus as several others have mentioned, you can contact companies directly for coupons by taking the time to write short reviews of their products.

      List of All Bricks Printables

      Coupon Network Printables

      The Budget101 Complete Coupon Database – we add all known Facebook/Manufacturers Q’s, plus Bricks Coupons

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      I can’t imagine all the work that goes into compiling all of these coupons in one place. Thank you so much!
      I really appreciate you guys making it much easier for us to find needed coupons!

      you rock

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      thanks for the responses! I wil definitely start working on a contact list.

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      Kellog’s has sent me coupons for free cereals, Campbell’s has sent me 2- $3.00 off any Campbell’s, pepperidge farms, swanson or V8 products, Tidy cat has sent me 7 – $2.00 off coupons and various other manufactures have done the same for complimenting, complaining or enquiring their products

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      I forgot ~ What are Bricks coupons??????????? It has been awhile, had to get a new PC and Printer.

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      @jkpjohnson 244657 wrote:

      I forgot ~ What are Bricks coupons??????????? It has been awhile, had to get a new PC and Printer.

      Bricks coupons are manufacturer coupons that are on their own website but are hosted by our friends at

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      Look in stores for tear pad coupons, usually before a sale there will be coupons near an item that will be on sale. Most people get the coupon and use it then, I always hold on to it and usually in a week or two they have a sale on that item. One example is the Kraft cheese, there were coupons for 1.00 in front of the cheese two weeks before a great sale happened.

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