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      I have been reading over the posts being written about not having a

      Christmas this year. Those that have written in about their fondest

      Christmas didn’t write about getting something expensive or an

      elaborate decorated tree. They wrote about spending time with loved

      ones. Cherishing something handmade. Making candy in the kitchen with


      I want to share some of my fondest memories growing up. There were 5 of

      us. I have two older brothers. My mom was a stay at home mom. Looking

      back, the way we made it was mom/dad giving up and being thrifty, but

      we never knew that is what they were doing. I remember a Christmas we

      wanted a real tree. We didn’t have money to buy one. Dad went up on the

      hill and cut down two small trees, (didn’t know it until after) Somehow

      he tied them together and in my eyes, that was the most beautiful tree

      we ever had. We didn’t have fancy decorations… but to me they were.

      Every year mom would do a lot of baking, making fudge etc. I LOVED this

      time of year. I remember seeing mom standing in front of the stove,

      stirring in a pot of yummy chocolate fudge. She always put her fudge in

      a decorated tin/ put it in the fridge. Oh how I loved opening that tin

      when mom wasn’t looking! My mom is no longer with me, but when I see

      that beat up metal tin, it brings back so many memories for me. (((

      hmmm, I don’t remember what was purchased for me that year or most any

      other year))) I remember making decorations with mom at the kitchen

      table out of felt. Mom made patterns from cookie cutters. We would

      trace them onto felt, glue on sequins and glue a magnet to the back. I

      LOVED doing this with mom. We would put them on the fridge, give them

      to my aunts/grandparents as gifts from “us” (my brothers / I). I didn’t

      know the reason we were doing it was lack of money. To me, this was far

      better than buying gifts. Mom did a lot of baking, as I said. Not one

      person, was ever disappointed when they recieved a tin of cookies,

      fudge or a poundcake from us! Hey at least they didn’t have something

      to return or to stick in a closet somewhere because it wasn’t something

      they could use! Every year, we would go around looking at Christmas

      lights. All 5 of us in the car. We would take a blanket to cuddle with.

      I loved this tradition!! These are just a few of the memories I have of

      the best Christmas’ ever! What kind of parents are WE to not give OUR

      children some of these kinds of memories???

      We as parents we know there are going to be hard times like these for

      our children when they grow up. Don’t we owe it to them to teach them

      how to make it during hard times? It is just like being taught how to

      fish, it is a skill that can keep your family alive if needed.

      WE are missing the point to these stories….it isnt the “things” that

      make having a great holiday. It is being together. Whether it is

      fishing, working a puzzle, looking at Christmas lights… it is being

      together that meant so much to US growing up. Giving that to our

      children is the best gift we can give them. Oh they might not

      appreciate it now, but when they are our age and times are tough, they

      will think back to the Christmas that spending time together was truly

      the best Christmas ever!

      I personally think this is the best year ever to go back to the real

      meaning of Christmas, love! Writing letters to the people we love,

      letting them know how much they mean to us. Sharing our fondest

      memories with them, include pictures if you can. If funds allow, make

      some old fashioned banana bread. (The mini loaf pans are very cheap.

      Get the bananas marked down to almost nothing at the grocery store.

      (bruised soft bananas work best.) Wrap in plastic wrap and tie with a

      bow. (probably have ribbon or yarn on hand) Or put in a brown lunch sak

      and let the kids decorate the bag!

      I love the idea of having an Old Fashioned Christmas!! I really think

      it would be a lot of FUN! I love the ideas of buying gifts from

      Goodwill too. We got my son a solid wood headboard/footboard for $15

      this summer from Goodwill. I think I will talk to my brothers, family,

      and friends about doing a Old Fashioned Christmas are to be either

      handmade or bought from places like yard sales or Goodwill. Nothing

      from retail stores! To me, this isn’t depriving ourselves it is fun!!

      Maybe we could start a list of Old Fashioned Christmas Ideas. Keep

      updating it so we have lots of ideas by Christmas! What do you think? I

      would be happy to have them emailed to me, and I will compile them

      together and post them to the group.

      Yes, corperations make it hard for us as parents to not buy the

      expensive gifts. However we can’t really put all of the blame on them,

      after all, it is us the parents that go out and make those expensive

      purchases thinking they will bring happiness to our loved ones.

      Let’s change the way we are thinking about No Christmas to the Best

      Christmas Ever!


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