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      Bargains are blooming this time of year. Here are seven purchases to make in March, April and May.

      1.) MARCH: Coats and outerwear

      At the end of winter, retailers clear out their cold-weather clothing to make room for T-shirts, shorts and swimwear. That makes March an ideal time to plan ahead and stock up on bargain coats, hats and gloves for next winter.

      2.) MARCH: Flood insurance

      It’s not any cheaper to buy flood insurance at this time of year, but this is as good a time as any to do so before the spring thaw puts your home to the test.

      Create a flood-risk profile at FloodSmart.gov to see if you could benefit from flood insurance.

      3.) MARCH: Frozen food

      It’s national frozen-food month, and sales and coupons abound. If you have a freezer, stock up. You can store some foods as long as one year.

      (Use this storage guide from the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service when deciding what to stock up on. – Freezing and Food Safety )

      4.) APRIL: Used cars

      Looking for a used car? This is the best month to shop. Every year, car dealers stock up to kick off the spring selling season. Buyers have a full selection of inventory to choose from and plenty of willing negotiators to land the best deal.

      5.) APRIL/MAY:
      Kitchenware and utensils

      Kitchen items make a great gift for new grads and newlyweds, so sales are often plentiful this season.

      6.) MAY: Mattresses

      As retailers make room for new models, mattress shoppers will find a lot of wiggle room on price, says Luke Knowles, founder of FreeShipping.org.

      Look for discounts of up to 50%, as well as promotions for free delivery or free disposal of your old mattress.

      7.) ALL SPRING LONG: Vacations

      Besides the week of spring break, you can usually grab a stellar deal on travel throughout the spring shoulder season — until Memorial Day weekend, when summer pricing goes into effect. Plus, you’ll get pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

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      This is a great reminder of the deals to be looking for in the springtime, thanks for sharing!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List BEST BUYS OF SPRING (March, April, May)