Berry Christmas Jam

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      3 c Fresh cranberries
      1 medium Seedless orange, peeled and quartered
      1 pk (10 oz) frozen sliced strawberries, slightly thawed
      1/4 ts Ground cloves
      1/4 ts Ground cinnamon
      4 c Sugar
      1/2 c Water
      1 Pouch (3 oz) liquid fruit pectin

      In a food processor, combine the cranberries and orange quarters; process until coarsely chopped. Add strawberries, cloves and cinnamon; process until mixture is finely chopped.

      In a heavy large saucepan, combine fruit mixture, sugar and water until well blended. Stirring constantly over low heat, cook two minutes. Increase heat to high and bring mixture to a rolling boil. Stir in liquid pectin. Stirring constantly, bring to a rolling boil again and boil one minute. Remove from heat;skim off foam. Pour into heat resistant jars with lids.

      Makes about 3 pints of jam.

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      Now this sounds really interesting…May have to try this one around the holiday season.
      Thanks for sharing!

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