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      have you ever heard of Bento? Bento is a way of making food beautiful and fun to eat. so not only are you eating healthy, but you are enjoying what you are eating.

      this si very common in Japan for school lunches brought from home. I was hearing about this on the radio a few days ago and thought it was very interesting. I am not sure if I am this creative.

      however, you can buy stuff to help you make the decorations. here is just one sample I found that of a bento lunch.

      I think this is really cool. I wonder if it helps with picky eaters?

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      I think of Bento more as “lunch box” ideas. The creativity is part of it but not necessary. You can find a lot of ideas at theworldaccordingtoeggface: Breakfast Bentos

      just be prepared to pay good $$$ for bento boxes.

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      I figure the boxes would be very expensive. there are whole books on how and what to create under the bento guidelines (sort of speaking). I guess this is a big industry in Japan.

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