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      Way back before the advent of Swiffer Dusters, I used a childs dust mop & broom (from Toy Dept.) to dust the top of doors, tall furniture and anything just out of reach. Just spray furniture polish on the dust mop & dust the high spots. Very helpful.

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      LOL reminds me of my youth – I was so cheap I refused to buy full size cleaning supplies so I used the kid size .. my sister (much younger) had a kids sized rug sweeper that I took too (she had outgrown playing with it)

      I also used my camping gear for pots and pans

      But I had money in the bank .. oh for those days


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      I didn’t use these because I didn’t want to spend money on regular sized items (I had those also). I used them for the reach as I am too short to reach up high. They saved me from climbing up on step stools or chairs.

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