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      I can purchase sheets at Wal-Mart separately much cheaper than I can purchase sets.
      My daughter doesn’t like the top sheet anyway so we only purchase the fitted and pillow case.
      I can’t recall the brand right now, but they don’t get scratchy or pill.

      Also, purchase a couple ofplastic fittedsheets and make her bed in layers.
      Plastic sheet / Sheet / Plastic Sheet / Sheet.
      If she wets the bed, remove the top two and the bed is ready to sleep in without fumbling to make it at 2 in the morning! ;o)

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      From: pseuzanne
      Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 4:44 PM
      Subject: : Bed sheets

      My daughter is transitioning into a “big girl bed”, so I need to buy
      some bed sheets and a blanket. Considering she’s also toilet training,
      I figure I’ll need several sets. I’m always amazed at how much sheets
      cost…it’s just a big piece of fabric!

      In the past, I have bought
      cheap sets to save money, but they remained scratchy and hard after
      repeated washings. I want to find sheets that don’t break the bank, but
      will give my daughter something soft and comfortable to sleep on. Is
      there a certain thread count I should look for?

      Isn’t there some other
      measure of softness, besides the thread count? Where can I look for a
      good deal? I’m in the Boston area.


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