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      I’ve struggled with procrastination all my life. My struggle has recently improved as a result of learning different strategies. A former podcast called iProcrastinate (no longer releasing episodes, but available online) features an in-depth discussion about procrastination by a psychologist who studies the topic.

      Procrastination is the assassination of motivation

      There are a lot of wonderful strategies Dr. Pychyl recommends, but the ones that really stood out for me are:

      1 It’s not about how you “feel.”
      You’re never going to feel like doing the task you’re avoiding due to it being boring, difficult, confusing, etc.

      2 Stop waiting for the moment when you have less resistance to the task at hand.
      It won’t happen. Recognize that you are resistant to the task and begin to accomplish it anyway. You’ll often find that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was.

      3 Like Nike says, just do it. Setting a timer for five minutes and committing to that amount of time will suffice. Your momentum will increase. Perhaps you’ll even discover that the task isn’t as daunting as you thought it was. You need to take action!

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      Melissa Burnell

      This is really great advice! I’ve found that using the Pomodoro Technique helps keep me on track when I find myself procrastinating.


      It also helps if you understand why you’re procrastinating in the first place. In my younger years I put things off because I was a perfectionist. I wouldn’t publish something until I had edited it dozens of times and “perfected” it.

      Now, I’m less stringent on myself. Being self employed, I’ve also learned that it has little to do with motivation and everything to do with discipline.

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