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      Bean Pot Pie
      1 pie crust
      1 onion
      3 small squashes
      1 can tomatoes with juice
      1 can garbanzo beans
      1 can kidney beans

      ? cup broth
      2 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast
      salt, pepper
      chili powder (to taste)
      spices – I used basil, thyme, sage

      Heat oil, saut? onions & garlic till soft (5 minutes). Add squash & tomatoes (but not juice), cook till squash is quite soft. Add the rest of ingredients. If it needs to be thickened add a bit of flour or cornstarch (2 tablespoons) to hot water (3 tablespoons), then add to mixture. Cook till thick, put in pie crust, bake at 450 till cooked (20 minutes). I also sprinkled some grated cheese on top

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