Bean Burger Receipe

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      I am pretty new to this group and enjoy reading the posts. I work two jobs so I
      can’t post too much but will be saving any good receipes and money saving ideas
      and send them about once a month.

      Bean Burgers ( I kinda invented this because I couldn’t affort the expensive
      veggie burgers turns out they are even better!)

      2 cans of any beans
      diced onions
      bread broken into small peices or bread crumbs
      salt pepper and spices of your choice

      Mash up beans and mix everything together like when you make
      meat balls or meat loaf.

      Put a little oil in a fry pan and cook as you would hamburgers

      I would imagine you could make it into a meatloaf too.

      Liz acraftycat Bisbee, Az

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