Bean and Bacon Stew

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      Bean and Bacon Stew
      1 large can of baked beans
      1 tin of Bacon Grill
      1 small can sliced mushrooms
      1 pinch of salt
      Empty tin of baked beans into sauce pan. Slice or dice tin of Bacon Grill and place in sauce pan. Add mushrooms with other ingredients.

      Add a pinch of salt. Mix together and place on fire. Stir for 10 minutes.
      For me, this is a typical camping recipe standard;-D Gotta have at least one camping trip with a bean recipe!


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      What is Bacon Grill??

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      Bacon Grill is a canned meat product made from chopped and cured pork (and sometimes chicken), seasoned to be similar in flavor to bacon. You can find it in Trader Joe’s if you have one near you or at a market that carries off-wall kinda products. I peruse the ‘specialty’ stores and stock up on items they have marked down like this.

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      @lmitchell 332557 wrote:

      What is Bacon Grill??

      Thanks for asking this…I was wondering the same thing!!
      groceries smilie

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