Beaded Snowflake Ornament

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      What You Need:
      For each snowflake:

      10 corsage pins with pearl ends (available in fabric and craft stores)
      Crystal-like beads in desired shapes and sizes
      1 small cork
      Iridescent white glitter paint pen (usually used for fabric, available in craft and discount stores)
      Monofilament thread

      1. Add beads to 4 pins. Place beads on 1 corsage pin in desired order, leaving the last 1/4 inch without beads.

      Make 3 more beaded pins using the same arrangement.

      2. Make another set of 4 beaded pins, using a different arrangement. Make an additional set of 2 beaded pins.

      (You should have a total of 10 beaded pins.)

      3. Add 4 matching pins to cork. Cut the cork, if necessary, so it is about 1/4 inch long.

      With the round side of the cork laying on the work surface, poke one beaded pin into the cork (close to work surface) like a spoke of a wheel. Place a matching beaded pin opposite the first. Place the remaining two opposite each other, between the first set.

      4. Add remaining pins. Using the remaining set of 4 matching pins, poke each into the cork, slightly closer to the top of the cork and alternating with the first set of four.

      Place the remaining 2 beaded pins into each round end of the cork.

      5. Cover the cork using glitter paint pen. Allow to dry.

      Apply a second coat, if necessary, and let dry.

      6. To hang, cut a desired length of monofilament and tie to one spoke of the snowflake.

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