Beaded Angel Ornament

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      28 8mm beads (dress)
      1 16mm bead (head)
      42 3X6mm beads (halo and wings)
      1.5 Yards 24 gauge wire

      Find the center point of the wire. Bend wire into L shape at center.

      Slide 7 (8mm) beads to the bend in the wire.

      Slide 6 beads onto one end of the wire keeping them near the end. Thread other end of the wire back through the 6 beads and pull tight. Flatten out the rows as needed. (See Diagram 1) Flatten out rows as needed.

      Slide 5 beads onto one end of the wire, push the other end through all 5 beads, and pull tight.

      The kids and I make these every year!!

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      faxonfive would you be able to show a picture of this, I would understand better if I had a picture to look at.

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      Sorry I actually dont have a picture, this was written down from an old teacher of my kids, I have scanned the picture and placed it in my pictures if you want to take a look… 🙂

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