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      Hi. I?m looking for Ideas on decorating my guest room/nursery in a beach theme. I live close to the beach so shells are pretty easy to find, especially crushed ones..LOL!

      Anyway, I?d love to hear everyone?s ideas!



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      If you live near an Old Time Pottery store they have great deals on this type of stuff.

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      We too, are creating a beach themed family room in our basement! For window coverings, I went to Big Lots and got a couple of those bamboo beach mats to drape over some tension rods, for shades ($2.50 ea.). I had some old shears that I was going to bring to the SA but instead, frayed them up a bit on the bottoms, them made tie backs.

      I did this with some very fine twine and a bunch of old shells that we’d collected from our trips to the beach… wrapped the twine around the curtain a few times then tied a smal knot. On each end, strung a few shells, after each shell I tied a know to keep it in place.
      I also printed off some pictures from our recent vacation to the beach (in black and white) and put them in some plain wooden frames.

      The extra shells, I placed them in finger bowl and put them on a shelf. Picked up two bags of pebbles at the dollar store and put them in glass candle holders and put tes lights in them!!! All came together pretty good if ya ask me!!!!

      Oh yeah, don’t forget to keep an eye out at your local home improvement store, in the paint dept. for “oops paint”!! That’s where I get most of mine.

      Got a really pretty shade of very pale blue, normally $23, got it for $5!!! Goes great down there!!

      Good luck on your room. Hope I was able to help!

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      I agree with the suggestion about “oops” paint. Right now blues and greens are very popular, and light blues, greens, and grays would work very well for a beach-y room. Another idea is to buy a bag of play sand at home depot, and use it to fill different glass jars, and display them on a shelf.

      (The play sand is sterilized, so your house won’t get stinky.)

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      pick up an old surf board and cut it down the middle to make a fantastic shelf

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      I love this idea only I am thinking of useing it close to the pool.

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      Also,plywood is cool.You can for example,Make a dolphin. Or a sun.Mount it with about 3 an 1 quarter peices of pvc behind it,It gives a great 3-d effect.

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      how about homemade seashell windchimes?

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