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      We went for an ocean theme in my son’s room. We found a 4 foot
      wallpaper border from Home Depot (it’s more like contact paper – so
      not messy) that has dolphins and fish on it. It’s really beutiful.

      matched a blue paint (light blue) to it and bought Nemo foam stamps
      (large – like 3 to 4 inches). Then I stamped the starfish and Nemo
      with the blue paint in a wavy pattern around the room just over the
      top of the wall paper. I painted his book shelf, picture frames, and
      toy box in the same blue.

      They are all spaced out enough so that it
      is not an overwhlming color. Some of his other shelfs, that are
      screwed into the wall, are a darker blue. We also got Nemo pictures –
      in the form of contact paper from Home Depot – and put those up in the

      Some of ds’s ocean art work in on the walls. He has a blue and
      white rug under his art table. Blue plastic bins from Ikea are on his
      shelf to hold various toys.

      I’m still on the look out for a strong
      fishing net (not the decorative kind) to put on the ceiling to hold
      his stuffed animals.

      In the past I have collected various ocean themed things for his
      room. A sculpture that hangs on the wall of a sea horse. light
      covers, lamps, postcards that we frame, jar of sea shells, picture
      frames, a tank with hermit crabs, a fish tank, posters, a belt rack or
      coat hook with fish, etc.

      If his room were bigger I would have bought
      those bubble like blue containers from Ikea that mount on the wall.
      In his crib he had a little ocean thing that played music and
      projected waves onto the ceiling. Even his name means ocean. I made
      popscycle stick picture frames and put foam ocean creatures on it.

      MIL gave him a framed picture of his name writen with ocean/beach
      themed things like dolphins and palm trees. The few stuffed animals
      that we do keep in his room are sea creatures.

      Where I found most of the things were Ikea, the dollar tree, Pier One,
      the aquarium, and at carft fairs. Some were gifts and some were hand
      made. You could even start collecting drift wood.

      Just be sure to
      bake it to kill off any tiny thing that might be living in it first.
      Use the shells that you collect to make mosaics onto picture frames.
      You could even glue beach sand onto the picture frames as well. Be
      sure to bake the sand as well. It contains fleas.

      Get a panaramic
      camers (they do have disposables) and take some pictures of the beach
      and ocean. Sunset would be beautiful. Have those framed and put
      tinto the room.

      Even a picture of a foot print in the sand, a group
      of rocks or shells, the way the sand ripples from the tide, a group of
      seaweed, etc.


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