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The Gloves are Off Scams & Flim Flams Be careful

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      Before ordering anything or signing up for freebies read everything on the screens. There seems to be some devious activity out there. Pet supplies and toiletries are about the only ones I sign up for any more.

      There is one out there (I don’t know which one) that if you sign up for a freebie you will find yourself signed up for voice mail. this has happened to me twice and i’m always careful to read everything (i thought). the lady at the company (not the phone company) instantly agreed to remove it from my bill.

      at first she tried to tell me i signed up for it then she said it was probably one of their advertizers. she seemed to have experience dealing with this. so be careful & read everything.

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      Thanks Janice for this helpful advise…I am sure I will be careful!!

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      Happened to me too. Keep a close eye on your telephone bill. The amount this fraud charges varies-called Two Guys something-can’t remember.

      Anyway, my phone company immediately removed the charges. Best thing you can do is have them put a third party block on your bill. They won’t bill or pay them without your express say so.

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      Thanks Janice for the advise.

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The Gloves are Off Scams & Flim Flams Be careful