Be a "Coupon Elf"

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      I am a coupon elf. I collect baby/child product coupons (manufacturers and store-specific) and put them on the items in the store(s). I ask friends and neighbors for their coupons, as well.

      Sometimes, I watch as a mother finds a coupon with an item she needs. The smile on her face makes it all worth while.

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      What a wonderful idea — never knew who put those coupons on items…

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      i admire people like you. i used to work at a grocery store while in college. the customers love people like you and the sore managers hate it, i never understood why.

      do they not get reimbursed?

      well keep it up you rule. :clap:

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      Years ago we worked with our local store and marked coupons and then attacked them to the items and half the savings went to our local school and half to the customer. Lots of customers donated the whole coupon savings to the school. It worked great, the first year we did it we netted over $2000 for the kids to buy supplies for the physical Ed program.

      Last I heard manufactures were sending coupons directly to PTA group to use and they were getting close to $30,000 a year in to help the local school out! It was a win-win situation and everyone was happy!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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