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      Hello Everyone~

      We are having a birthday party for my daughter, bbq style. i invited a few friends and family my dh invited a lot more people, then tells me “i think we invited to many people” you think? anyway, what am i to do but deal with it!

      i thought it might be okay because i was always told that the rule was only half are suppose to show up? just my luck i will be cooking for about 40 people and the list keeps getting longer! I have a few people bringing things but I need to cover most of it.

      If I have guessed correctly I’m thinking it will total out to be about 50 people. Yes, that is me you hear crying!

      I was wondering if someone could help me out with a good recipe for pasta salad, macaroni salad and salsa.
      The salsa I’m looking for is all blended up, not chunky, mild and hot would be great!
      Plus, I’m tired of the “bbq sauce” bbq chicken, any other suggestions? although that might be the cheapest to go?

      i had planned on chicken and hot dogs but maybe hot dogs and hamburgers?
      just looking for some ideas?
      tanya in ca. ~thank you~

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