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      this is the salsa my mom always made (please note: all measurments
      are VERY approximate)

      1 can diced tomatos
      1 can tomotillos (since you’re here in CA, you should be able to find
      them in the mexican food isle, they’re usually near the enchilada
      sauce at the stores near me)
      1 can diced chilies (the green ones)
      a bit of onion (whatever kind you have, i usually end up using about a
      quarter, but i’ve used a whole one before)
      some garlic (fresh, jarred, whatever)
      1 bunch cilantro
      couple of pinches of sugar

      to prepare the tomotillos, open the can, remove the paper-y skin and
      most of the core (sadly this creates alot of waste, but this is how
      i’ve always made it). then toss everything but the sugar into the
      blender/food processor. once it’s as smooth as you’d like, toss it
      into a sauce pan or something, add the sugar, toss on a lid and put
      over low heat for about 30 min to 2 hours (this depends on how rushed
      you are).

      then chill if you want, or serve fresh.

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