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      Melissa Burnell

      RE: : tnt salsa recipe… was…. bbq party

      my salsa recipe

      1 Big (32oz / 46 oz or whatever size it is) can of whole or diced tomatoes
      Large or Small onion – chopped finely.
      1 (or more) Jalapeno Pepper chopped (these are usually somewhat mild)
      2 (or more or less) Serrano peppers (these are hot)
      1/2+ tsp each: (** Note at bottom)
      Lemon Pepper
      Ground Cumin
      Garlic Powder (not garlic salt)
      1-2 Tbsp cilantro (chopped) (optional)

      Place all ingredients in a blender in reverse order (starting with the last ingredient).

      Pulse, quickly, the blender 5 to 19 times. Remember you are making salsa – not gazpacho (cold tomato soup).

      Or you can put the ingredients in a bowl in the order listed, then stir with one of those hand (stick or straight) blenders. The blades on the blender will chop everything up a bit more (I usually aim for the tomatoes) and mix it at the same time.

      Do this until it is the desired consistency or chunkiness.

      **Note – add more to taste after all blended
      This can be stored in any container without metal on it for 1-2 months. If metal is there, the tomatoes will eat through it.

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