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      Why salsa? I have a recipe for it, but keep it as simple as possible. I will post it next.

      Why not just get a couple of the big tubs of beans, potato salad & cole slaw from your local grocery store? Those are fairly large and will feed 20 or so people.

      Then get a couple of bags of the inexpensive pre-formed hamburgers (they will be cheaper then chicken) and a couple pkgs of the Jenny-o hotdogs (I think there are like 30 in a pkg).
      Get a head of lettuce, a couple jars of hamburger dills, mustard, catsup, mayo, sweet relish, tomatoes, cheese slices, etc.. whatever condiments you use for burgers & hotdogs and buns for both.

      Have people bring desserts.

      Oh… have everyone cook their own burgers or dogs on your gas grill – make sure you have a spare propane tank available. Then lay out the condiments, plates & buns buffet style.

      Serve iced tea and lemonade (or Hawaiian punch (from concentrate) for drinks, with bags of ice in ice chests for the drinks.
      Make it as easy on yourself as possible.

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