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      Bath Basket
      Who wouldn’t love a basket filled with items meant for relaxation and pampering? Fill a basket with some candles, bath bombs and/or bath salts, a washcloth, and a good book–the perfect gift for someone who needs an hour to herself after a long day! Or, if you want to, make the scent jars described below in place of (or in addition to) the candles!

      Bath Salts
      4 cups Epsom salts
      2 cups sea salt
      Essential oils for scent (lavender is excellent for relaxation, citrus oils also work well)
      Food coloring (optional)
      Mix the two salts together; this is the base for your bath salts. Using 2 cups of salt at a time, add 4 to 10 drops of essential oil and food coloring as desired. Mix well, then place in a ziplock bag.

      Let cure for two weeks, shaking at least once daily. Once salts have cured for two weeks, transfer to containers for use in gift basket.

      Fizzing Bath Bombs
      1 cup citric acid
      3 cups baking soda
      Fragrance or Essential Oil
      Mix citric acid and baking soda, add scent until it reaches the strength you desire. Using a spray bottle, add a fine mist of water to the dry ingredients. Mix in well.

      Continue adding small amounts of water until the mixture begins to clump. Press mixture into candy or soap molds–plastic molds work best. Continue packing mixture until no more can be packed into the mold. Let mixture dry.

      This may take anywhere from a couple hours to several days, depending on humidity. When shaped bath bombs pop out of the containers easily, they are done. Seal individually in plastic wrap.

      To use, drop one or two into running bath water.

      Scent Jars
      8 oz clear, unscented glycerin soap
      1 teaspoon fragrance or essential oil 10 drops food coloring
      3 4-oz jelly jars
      Melt soap in top half of double-boiler. As soon as it is melted, add fragrance and color and pour into jars. Let set for six to eight hours.

      Place lids on jars. Open jars will lightly scent rooms for several weeks.

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