Basic Bath Salts

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      3 parts Epson Salt
      2 parts baking soda
      1 part table salt
      Essential oil or fragrance oil, your choice

      Mix all ingredients together well. I find using my hands to do
      this does the best job. Put in glass canning jars or zip-type
      bags for gift giving.

      And make it all fancy!!

      you rock

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      Are these the type of bath salts that are the hard ones I am looking for a recipe that is like the texture of a salt scrub I bought some at my church craft bazar and love them.

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      If you want a “liquid” salt scrub, mix in some olive oil or your favorite oil. Your skin will be smooth and soft when you finish using it. The salt (or I do sugar sometimes, esp.

      for my face) does the exfoliating and the oil nourishes your skin. It is great for winter when your skin gets dry.


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