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      Had to run to the shopping center to pick up something and while there decided
      I’d look at the Roses store to see if I could find the glass baking dish I
      needed. Didn’t find that, but found some great Christmas Presents. Iron Screen
      Frame (like a folding screen) that holds candles, about 18-24″ tall. On
      clearance for $1, including the candles. Thought I’d get two so when I checked
      out, she said $1.46 please. Seems I got another 25% off on the clearance and
      15% because it was senior Wednesday. Needless to say, I went back and got the
      remaining two, so now I have 4 nice Christmas presents (from International
      Silver Co.) for about 73 cents. Yesterday at Goodwill, I bought some really
      pretty foil wrap for $1 a roll. The sheets are really large and will wrap
      probably 2 shirt boxes per sheet (probably 3 of these screens per sheet) Got 10
      sheets per roll, so for a standard size shirt box, that’s about 5 cents to wrap.
      At the auction in a box lot I got about 50 christmas bows, along with a whole
      box of other things for $1. So now I can do a nice Christmas present for about
      $1. Of course you don’t run across these bargains too often. BUT, ya’ gotta’
      keep checking!!

      Granny C in VA

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