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      So I came across this fun little hiker and decided that the wife & I need one of these for our camping adventures.

      How to make a bar backpack

      Here’s how to make your own. First, you’ll need a wall mounted liquor dispenser.

      Wall mount liquor dispenser

      Screw the liquor dispenser to a piece of wood for a shelf or cut a piece of luan to fit the size of a backpack.

      Drill holes every 2 inches along the shelf, run zip ties through and zip tie to a Canvas or leather Backpack (with the bag part removed so all that remains is the heavy backing and shoulder straps. Use the heavy duty zip ties that can handle a lot of weight, like these 175lb Tensile strengths.

      attach a wall mount cup dispenser to one side, right or left, as desired.

      Or you can use a lightframe backpack and attach the shelf with the dispenser using zipties as mentioned above.

      light frame backpack

      If that’s all too much work for ya, you could just get these instead:

      Dual Liquor Dispenser


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