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      I called my banks 800 number today to check on my account – I do this fairly
      regularly to check which checks have cleared and to make sure I haven’t
      forgotten any debits. Well I found out that they had taken out two fees – one
      for $9 and one for $13.50, so I called the bank to ask what they were for. Well
      since I lost my job and no longer have direct deposit, my account now has these
      fees. Well I was about to tell them that I’d be closing my account and the
      teller offered to reverse the fees and switch me over to the free checking
      account. So that one phone call saved me $22.50 today! The only thing that
      bothered me is that they didn’t notify me about the fees before just deducting
      them. I had enough money in my account to cover them and more, but they don’t
      know what checks I might have outstanding – it could have caused me to overdraw
      my account if I hadn’t checked – I don’t always have much of a cushion in there!


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