Banana Boats

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      Banana Boats
      1 banana
      1/2 chocolate bar
      Peel back one side of banana peel. Carefully cut a well into the middle of the banana and save the removed piece of banana. Break 1/2 chocolate bar into small chunks.

      Fill crevice with chocolate chunks. Cover chocolate with the removed piece of banana. Wrap banana in foil and allow for handles on the ends.

      Place on grill or coals and cook for 10-20 minutes until chocolate is melted and banana is warm. This is a one serving treat and is oh so good!
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      I love this recipe! The only thing my family does different is using chocolate chips. They tend to be easier for my son to help make his own.

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      What a great idea! Much easier for young ones to handle;-D

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      in the banana boat you can also add in little marshmellows this how the Girlscouts do it. I like having ice cream with mine it is. it is easy and fast

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      In Girlscouts we also added the little marshmellows. It is really good.

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      All we need to add now is graham cracker crumbs on top! LOL!

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