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      Can someone tell me how to get rid of bamboo? The lady next door planted the stuff and it has now invaded my yard. The awful stuff grows so fast you can almost see it getting taller.

      Help. Please.

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      Basically, it is almost impossible to get rid of, as the roots grow deep and spread out. Try to pull up the new ones while they are still “babies” as this is not possible after they get bigger. Then you almost need a bulldozer to root em out!

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      Here is an article I came across on this subject:

      A homeowner who has had bamboo thrust upon them by a careless neighbor or a previous homeowner knows that trying to get rid of bamboo can be a nightmare. Eliminating bamboo plants is one of the toughest things you can do in the garden, but it can be done. With diligence and perseverance, you can control bamboo spread and even kill bamboo plants that have invaded unwanted places.

      Keep reading to learn more about how to eliminate bamboo plants in your garden.

      How to Get Rid of Bamboo

      Eliminating bamboo plants starts with a shovel. The creeping rhizomes and roots of bamboo are virtually immune to the herbicides people normally use on unwanted plants. In order to start to get rid of bamboo, you must physically dig up the offending clump.

      Make sure you remove as much of the roots as possible.

      After this, you are NOT done in your efforts to control bamboo spread. This is just the beginning. Even if you think you remove all of the bamboo roots and rhizomes, it will return.

      From here you have two options in how to eliminate bamboo. You can either diligently kill bamboo plants as the plants reemerge or you can get rid of the bamboo by mowing it down frequently.

      If you opt to get rid of bamboo with chemical controls, as soon as you see new bamboo shoots emerge, spray them with the strongest herbicide you can buy. Eliminating bamboo plants with this method requires that you be very diligent. If you allow a bamboo shoot to grow for too long without treating it, you will have to start over in your control bamboo spread.

      If you would like an organic method of eliminating bamboo plants and shoots as they emerge, you can also use boiling water on the shoots. As with the chemical method, you must treat any bamboo shoots as soon as they appear.

      If you decide to get rid of bamboo with the mowing method, mow over the area where the bamboo was as frequently as you do your lawn. Use the lowest deck setting on your mower.

      Regardless of the method you use to kill bamboo plants, expect that it will take you 2-3 years of treating the infested area before you will completely control bamboo spread.

      How to Control Bamboo Spread from Neighboring Properties

      If you find your efforts to kill bamboo plants thwarted by spread from a neighbor, you will need to build a barrier to keep the bamboo from spreading to your yard. The barrier can be made of concrete or metal. Wood can also be used, but be aware that it will eventually decompose and the bamboo will push through again.

      The barrier will need to go down 2’ deep and should come up at least 6”. Inspect the barrier every few months to make sure that no bamboo has crept over the barrier.


      On a personal note: A french drain that is about 2 feet deep and 1-2 feet wide will help keep the shoots from entering your yard that borders where they are coming from. (but this can be a bit of work!)

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      I really wanted to spend more time in my garden. I wanted to enjoy it not destroy it. Thanks for the info – greatly appreciated.

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      You could dig up a few of the rhizomes and mail them to me, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have them! Sorry they’re invading your yard, but would you mind telling me.. what kind of soil do you have? Is it sandy? loam? rich? etc… I’d absolutely LOVE to create a bamboo barrier between my lawn and the road.

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      the bamboo barrier you desire will BECOME your lawn.. I would really suggest picking another plant.

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      I’ve had bamboo along a part of my creek for a few years. It hasn’t spread too much yet. Last winter almost killed it.

      I cut it for using in my garden. You can use it as tomato stakes, or whatever. My Brother in Law built a fence on his porch with it.

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      I live in Tennessee, we rented a house here in the country and my backyard is full of bamboo! I told my husband, well guess I’ll just have to get a Panda bear now…..Seriously it can be a pain, it does spread alot, hope you can get control of it !

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