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      Susan, That is exactly what they are. Bamboo screens, but not always fake.
      They sell them at stores now like Pier One and you can find them for as cheap as
      $25.00 to as much as $500.00 or so. They are bamboo, and usually they split it
      down the middle and make the poles, then they drill holes and string them.
      These hang on the OUTSIDE of the house and they work pretty well to keep the
      sunlight out.

      Drawbacks though are that you have to go outside to raise and
      lower them, and they cut the visibility badly. Also, depending on your decor
      outside they can detract from the look of the house. They don’t help with the
      heating situation though.

      During bad weather you want to roll them up and store
      them or the string in them can rot during rain or it can whip around during wind
      and break your windows. Pluses are that they work great to keep the sun out,
      and they can be painted to match the house color if you choose or be painted
      white or left natural.

      Emily Y.

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      There are also some fake bamboo type roll screens like this that you can
      get, ok no I don’t know exactly what they are called but I know what
      they look like…LOL. The item that I am thinking of would probably be
      cheaper to purchase and you can typically find them in bamboo/tan or
      white colors. I wish that I could describe them better, hopefully
      someone knows what I am talking about and can describe them even better.


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