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      I would recommend typing up your resume and keeping several copies on hand.

      Whenever you are out and about and you see a place advertising “now hiring” or

      “help wanted”, take one out of the folder in your car and hand it over. you

      never know who will hire you.

      in this area, the malls are hiring lots of people. retail is not “ideal”, but

      they are always hiring and it’s a paycheck. i did it myself for awhile before

      our child was born. i just saw an ad for a company hiring people to deliver

      newspapers, telephone books and those flyers you see on the stands inside of

      grocery store doorways. again, it’s money coming in.

      are you good with clerical work? factory work? go to your local manpower and

      every other temp agency in your area and ask for work. factory work pays better

      in our area, it is not dangerous. not glamorous either. get a pair of steel

      toed boots, so you can go when they call to offer you a position. many factories

      want you to have them. many factories also hire for all shifts (1st, 2nd &

      3rd), so there is some flexibility there.

      Good luck with your search,


      “Never believe you don’t have what it takes.”

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