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      — In, “hester.bryant70”


      >Is Your Home Full of Hidden Cash?

      Tory Johnson’s Tips to Sell Your “Junk” on ebay and other web sites

      by tory johnson

      june 6, 2008

      RSS I spend a lot of time helping people to make money from home, but

      this particular assignment took that task to a whole new level. A

      month ago, I mentioned on-air a tidbit from a Nielsen survey which

      found that the average household has 52 unused items originally worth


      Some tips on making money by selling your old junk online.We asked

      viewers to let us know if they needed my help in identifying and

      selling those items to make money to cover rising gas and food

      prices. More than 1,000 e-mails poured in!

      I had a week to work with one couple in Yonkers, N.Y., who had never

      sold anything online or from out of their home. In that short time we

      uncovered more than $10,000 worth of stuff.

      They were the first to admit that if they could do it, anyone can!

      One person’s junk is another’s treasure – and you could be sitting on

      plenty of gems at home.

      Assess your possessions. Walk from room to room and ask yourself if

      it’s more important to hang on to things or to part with them to make

      some money. Go through each room several times to identify what

      you’re willing to sell. If you haven’t used it, looked at it or

      thought about it in a very long time, that item could be a candidate

      for sale.

      If you’re hesitant to part ways, consider it financially rewarding

      recycling. You’re going to give someone else the pleasure of using

      the item you no longer way. And of course just think of the cash

      you’ll have to spend on other, more pressing things.


      Summer Job Ideas for TeensWork When You Want, Where You Want?

      Employers Easing Pinch at the PumpThink Big and Small. Don’t shy away

      from large items. Many people mistakenly think you couldn’t possibly

      sell a set of chairs or other bulky furniture online. Wrong! Even if

      you don’t want to get involved with shipping such items, you can

      indicate that it’s for local pick up only.

      Simple things like clothing can be folded into padded envelopes and

      shipped off.

      Set up an eBay account. More than 80 million active users shop on

      eBay — buying and selling $2,040 worth of goods on the site every

      second, according to the company. If you’ve got lots of stuff to

      sell, you should be exposed to that audience. It takes just minutes

      to set up an account at (You should also set up a

      PayPal account since most buyers prefer it and you get your money


      Get Help. If you don’t have a computer or you’re just not comfortable

      online, ask a friend to help you sell in exchange for a percentage of

      the sales. Or seek professional help from a trained eBay trading

      assistant. They’ll photograph, post, promote, sell and ship your

      wares for a fee.

      And eBay offers extensive online tips and training to help sellers

      get started. Among the selling 101 favorites:

      Invest in Free Education: Watch demo and tutorials in the eBay

      University Learning Center. Decide what to sell, how much to charge

      and how to promote your wares by browsing Completed Listings on the


      > — In, “unique” wrote:

      > >

      > > Help!

      > >

      > > It’s hard trying to budget, when you can’t make ends meet.

      > > anyone out there know of any part time jobs?

      > >

      > You can always try the local fast food places. It may not be where


      > want to work but it gets the money flowing into the house where you


      > budget.

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