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      I’ve just started baking our own bread and have found that it is really a Saturday morning job. I tried to bake last night and found that I got nothing else done. What I would like to do is make up the dough in advance and refridgerate it so I can bake it on an as-needed basis. I’m just not sure of where in the process to refirgerate the dough. Before the first time it raises, or after it is punched down and shaped in loaves. Also, how long can it be kept in the refridgerator?

      Anyone have any answers/suggestions?

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      2lbkos0 smilie You can use ANY bread recipe that you have:

      1. Double the yeast. Use only active dry yeast – not fast-acting yeast. Mix bread according to the recipe’s instructions but double the yeast amount. This is to compensate for the yeast that will die off in the freezing process.
      2. Let the bread go through its first rise. Most yeast breads go through 2 rises. Let the dough do its first rise in a greased bowl as per recipe instructions.
      3. Shape the dough into loaves. After the first rise, punch down dough and knead. Shape the bread dough into loaves.
      4. Place loaves into greased bread pans and cover with greased plastic wrap to prevent sticking. This is done to make sure the dough loaves hold their shape when freezing.
      5. Place bread pans in freezer and let dough freeze in pans for about 10 hours.
      6. After 10 hours, remove the bread dough from the pans, wrap in plastic wrap and bag.
      7. Date the bag of dough loaves. Dough can be frozen for up to 4 weeks.
      8. Return loaves to freezer immediately.
      9. To use frozen dough loaves, remove a loaf from the freezer the night before you want to bake it. Keep the loaf wrapped in plastic and let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator.
      10. After the dough has thawed, place it in a greased bread pan, cover, and let rise.
      11. Bake bread at the temperature and for the length of time as described in the recipe.

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      Thank you! I’m hoping this will make it easier to mix it ahead and have the kids help me bake when it is needed.

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      Making up refrigerator dough is great also. Stores right in the fridge and you pull out what you need each day and shape rolls and bake for wonderful hot rolls. Here’s the link to King Arthur flour recipes. I grow and grind all my own flours but they have wonderful recipes that have always worked for me. Yeast breads & rolls > Rolls & buns

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      Thanks, I’ll look into it.

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      Something else that might be an option if you have a breadmaker. Let the breadmaker mix your dough on your dough setting then take it out and shape into loaves or rolls whichever you like and bake it in your regular oven. I started doing this last year and like the texture of the loaves of bread much better when threy’re baked in the oven versus baked right in the breadmaker.

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      I know this wasn’t my question but I sure did benefit from the help….just started baking my own bread this week and am still experimenting…knowing that the dough is freezable is a great help!!! That means I can bake first thing of a morning during summer months and not heat up kitchen of an afternoon!

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      Another thing we do is make freezer cinnamon rolls. I make up my roll dough and put it straight into the fridge and punch down as needed. As soon as it stops raising (cold all the way through) We roll it out and make the cinnamon rolls and put them on baking sheets and run them down to the freezer. As soon as they are frozen good then we bag them up. When you want cinnamon rolls you don’t have to bake a whole pan just the 1 or few that you need. Lots of fun to have this special treat in the freezer ready to go! 45 minutes to an hour later they are fresh and hot out of your oven.

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      Oh I so want to do this. Thanks for posting the question michelle69.

      Mama Bear

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      I use my bread maker to mix my dough also. Mine is the one that bakes the loaf vertical instead of horizontal. I prefer the bread to look like bread is why I bake it in the oven. Of course, I can only make one loaf at a time, but with just the two of us, it is plenty. Well, if hubby doesn’t eat it all the first day. LOL

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