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      I love to bake and my girlfriend loves to cook. We figure with

      everyone so busy and on the go that we could “try” to start a home

      business to do this for people who want to pay us for baking and


      We are stumped on how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas and

      how to charge?

      I do work full time during the week and so does she. I work in a

      deli on the weekends part time and do bring in baked items that I

      make just for the customers to take. I have had a few customers ask

      me if I sell them on the side and I said yes. If they come back how

      much should I charge?

      Maryann enjoys making soups and gifts in jars which are a big hit

      during the holidays. Just to give you an idea.

      I read on another group that an open house is one idea, which I will

      let her know about and would like your feed back on ideas and


      I’m really enjoying this group. Thanks for having me ! !


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