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      When I catered years ago (at least 15) I charged 2.5 times the cost of the items-cost up front as a “deposit”, which I used to purchase my inventory with. The other 1.5 was due two weeks prior to the event- .5 went into hired labor (if needed for setting up/clean up) and the remainder was pure profit. Not sure if these figures would work in today’s economy….

      Items like wedding cakes demand a much higher mark up due to labor/time involved. Be sure to work gas (transportation)costs into your final figures- both to and from the event, and trips to the store for your inventory…you really need to make sure you cover everythinginvolved in order to make it worth yourwhile money wise.

      Oh, I also had a “surcharge” for those clients that I knew would get on my last nerve….I don’t appreciate someone telling me how they want the shrimp turned on their crackers….Either you trust me or you don’t. If you didn’t trust me, you could find another caterer or you could pay a

      “DDC fee”…D#@n Difficult Client fee…

      Did I mention that keeping your sense of humor is a must??


      Lisa G.

      I love to bake and my girlfriend loves to cook. We figure with
      everyone so busy and on the go that we could “try” to start a home
      business to do this for people who want to pay us for baking and

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