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      11.0pt;font-family:”Comic Sans MS”;color:teal;”>You will need
      to check with your city for their heath codes for selling externally on your
      11.0pt;font-family:”Comic Sans MS”;color:teal;”>Also, make sure
      you clear it with the deli owner, in case anyone has an issue with what they
      bought – since there is a possibility he could be sued by a customer if
      they got food poisoning from what they bought from you on the side. In this
      sue happy world, you gotta be ready for anything.
      11.0pt;font-family:”Comic Sans MS”;color:teal;”>As far as
      selling on the side, is there a farmer’s market by you? Find out if you
      can get a booth and sell stuff there?
      11.0pt;font-family:”Comic Sans MS”;color:teal;”>As far as
      pricing, do a search on the web and use the cost of the highest (or med high)
      priced similar or identical item to yours. Homemade costs more .
      11.0pt;font-family:”Comic Sans MS”;color:teal;”>

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      Baking/Cooking from home

      We are stumped on how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas and how to

      I work in a deli on the weekends part time and do bring in baked items that I make
      just for the customers to take. I have had a few customers ask me if I sell them
      on the side and I said yes. If they come back how much should I charge?


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