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      This one’s pretty simple, maybe even so simple you never thought of it–that was my case, anyway. But, it’ll feed a lot of people, so great if you have a large family, gathering, or just teens to feed!

      One loaf of bakery bread from grocery store ($1-$1.50)
      Whatever real cheese you have in the fridge (not American or Velveeta–those don’t work well in this, IMO.)
      Two cans of tuna ($0.68ea at Aldi)
      Mayo or Miracle Whip, whichever is in your fridge
      Oven safe baking dish large enough for your loaf to fit on or in (cookie sheet, casserole dish, lasagna pan, etc)

      Preheat your oven to 350ºF.

      Place your loaf in/on your baking dish. Carefully cut off the top of the bread, like you would a pumpkin for carving. Make sure you do not go all the way through as you want it bowl-like.

      Once you have it off, using your hands, rip out some of the bread from the inside, making sure to not go through the crust AND to hallow out the ends; do the same on the ‘lid’ (note: you can save this bread to do bread crumbs!).

      In a separate bowl, mix your tuna and mayo/Miracle Whip, but make it a tad dry. If it’s too wet, it’ll soak the bread.

      Take your cheese and cut thin slices. The amount will vary depending on the size of your loaf, but roughly a couple dozen slices.

      Line the bottom of your bread bowl with one layer of cheese, making sure to get a piece into the ends. You don’t need 100% coverage. Spread your tuna mix on top of the cheese, getting as even as possible, and, again, getting into the ends.

      Place another layer of cheese on top. Replace the top of the bread. Place in the oven for 10-20 minutes, until the bread is browning on top.

      Carefully remove from oven and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Slice into thick sandwiches. Enjoy!!

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      Sounds pretty good! We can never have enough tuna recipes! Thanks!

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      YW! I tried this with meatballs and pasta sauce a couple weeks ago, and it was good, too! Just another variation of the same thing.

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      Ya know…your meatball sandwich sparked an idea…a different way to use up meatloaf leftovers. Just cut/slice to fit bread and add the cheese! Next time I make a meatloaf, I’ll have to try this!

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      Sounds good! I’d be interested to hear how it turns out.

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      I’m always looking for ways to recycle meatloaf (I’m a single, but still cook for a family as it is more economical — leftovers for lunch, etc). I haven’t done a meatloaf ‘sub,’ but we all know that meatball subs are fabulous, so using meatloaf should be great, too! LOL!

      Check my weekly menus for making a meatloaf, and if I have it listed, please don’t hesitate to remind me to do the sub! Sometimes I forget about great ideas…

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      lol I don’t have the best memory either. If I remember, I’ll try to remind you.

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      randomname2014…lol! maybe between the two of us we can get it together and post the recipe(s) that we want to see! lol!

      in the meantime, keep posting such fabulous recipes!

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      lmao Maybe! Tomorrow, I’m going to stuff some bread with some pulled bbq chicken. I crock potted the chicken today.

      Going to use that and sauce in a loaf.

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      Hmmm…I plan to broil some chicken next week and serve it with slaw… That’s a tempting idea for lunch!

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