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      Start with leftover, refrigerated baked potatoes. When it’s time to make the hashbrowns, peel the skins off at about 1/8 inch thickness and save them to a cookie sheet. Dice the potatoes for hashbrowns and have a lovely breakfast, I always add a few onions and a couple of pieces of bacon.

      I learned to make hashbrowns this way from watching a cooking show but they just tossed the skins.

      Later in the day, you can make tato skins with the skins by heating up the oven to 400 and topping the skins with a sprinkling of “whatever”. This morning I used a mixture of a little grated cheese, a pat of butter, and the last scrapings of sour cream heated up together in the microwave and brushed on the skins then topped with another crumble of bacon and a little onion. Cook till crisp, about 20 minutes.

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