Baked Mac and Cheese

Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Baked Mac and Cheese

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      From the Good Housekeeping cookbook from the 1950s. So much better than boxed!

      1 package(s) (8 ounces) elbow macaroni
      3/4 cup(s) (about 1 1/2 slices bread) fresh bread crumbs
      4 tablespoon(s) butter or margarine, melted
      1 small onion, finely chopped
      1 tablespoon(s) all-purpose flour
      1/4 tablespoon(s) dry mustard
      1 teaspoon(s) salt
      1/8 teaspoon(s) ground black pepper
      1.5 cup(s) milk
      8 ounce(s) (2 cups) Cheddar cheese, shredded

      In 3-quart saucepan, cook macaroni as label directs. Drain well.
      Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease 9-inch square baking dish or casserole. In small bowl, toss bread crumbs and 2 tablespoons melted butter until moistened. Set aside.
      To saucepan, add remaining 2 tablespoons butter over medium heat. Add onion and cook until tender, about 5 minutes. Add flour, mustard, salt, and pepper; stir until blended. Stir in milk; cook, stirring, until thickened. Remove from heat; stir in cheese.
      Spoon macaroni into prepared baking dish. Pour cheese sauce over macaroni. Sprinkle crumb mixture over top. Bake until bubbly and top is golden, about 20 minutes. Let stand 15 minutes for easier serving.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Baked Mac and Cheese