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      Baked Hot Dog Burrittos
      beef bratwurst
      flour tortillas
      Recommended Fixings:
      diced onions
      sweet relish
      shredded cheese
      Use all-beef bratwurst but any pre-cooked sausage is good.
      Steam ‘hot dogs’ in about a 1/2 inch of beer in a covered pot for just a few minutes to get them puffy and moist.
      Place the ‘hot dogs’ on the grill and roll around browning on all sides.
      Wrap the ‘hot dog’ in a flour tortilla with your choice of fixings. Recommended are diced onion, sweet relish, finely chopped jalapeno, mustard, and shredded cheddar cheese.
      Fill the bottom of a preheated Dutch oven with the wraps and dollop the tops with pieces of butter. Choose a Dutch oven that matches the amount of burritos you want to make, but not a deep one.
      Bake with top and bottom coals for a few minutes or until the bottoms of the tortillas just start to brown.
      Take off of the bottom coals and bake for about ten minutes with the top coals until the tops are browned.
      To make the ‘hot dog’ burritos crispy like chimichangas, turn them once or twice to get butter evenly distributed all around, then leave them on the bottom coals a little longer.
      Try dipping them in ketchup, barbeque sauce, ranch, or your favorite condiment.

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